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ManyChat is one of the popular chatbot platforms letting you build Facebook bots live within the Messenger platform. BotStar, on the other hand, gives you the power to build bot on both Website and Facebook Messenger using the powerful visual flow editor.

Scroll down and you’ll find the side-by-side comparison of the two platforms and discover eight reasons to choose BotStar over ManyChat for creating a comprehensive chatbot solution.

Let’s dive in!

Easily Design Engaging Chatbot Flow with Visual Builder

The purpose of chatbot is automating your repetitive and time-consuming tasks which helps you to save time on customer service then invest in other high-level tasks. Therefore when it comes to ease of use and design chatbot conversation flow, the user interface and user experience are essential that users can easily understand the platform and build the bot flow.


ManyChat uses the flow builder — a visual drag and drop interface which you can connect messages and actions by connections. With this visual approach, you can have a structured overview of your bot flow and directly test the flow right within the flow.


BotStar has the same flow builder as ManyChat, and more. BotStar’s drag and drop flow editor is simple to use and also offers where you can easily display a list of data such as product catalog in your bot flow. If you are using ManyChat, that process is needed to do manually and it is difficult to update.

The advantage of BotStar is supporting more tools for programmers. in BotStar let bot developers build rich features such as API calls, complicated on-the-fly calculations, and highly complex integrations.

Launch Your First Chatbot in a Single-click with Chatbot Templates

Creating a simple bot from scratch might take chatbot beginners a lot of effort. That’s why ready-to-use and its flexibility are also important.

ManyChat now only offers six pre-made templates. Instead, they encourage you to build one yourself by letting you create your own templates and you can copy, edit and clone these templates later. In this way, expert users will never find it difficult to work with the platform, but it can be a problem for most beginners.

As an excellent ManyChat alternative, BotStar is rich in templates and delivers more than designed for particular industries ranging from Booking chatbot to eCommerce solutions, so you won’t have to worry if you’re a beginner in the chatbot world. You can either or choose a ready-made template to create a robust chatbot. All of the templates are rather flexible — you can customize them according to your needs and then easily clone it for your own business or clients.

Promote Your Chatbot to Gain More Audience

Bot building is just the first step towards growing your business. The next step is promoting your bot to bring more customers and capture more leads for your business. In addition to sending broadcasts & campaigns, ManyChat and BotStar both have a wide range of powerful built-in marketing tools as listed below to gain customers:

  • Facebook comments auto-reply is a tool you can use on any of your FB posts, and whoever comments under that post, will be welcomed in their comment and Facebook messenger inbox. However, in ManyChat, it’s just possible to trigger comments by private messages.
  • Multiple landing pages are a standard way to gain new customers. You can place a call-to-action button anywhere you want that will redirect people to your messenger bot or a different message, which comes incredibly useful if you don’t have your own website.
  • With Send-to-messenger button, you can easily drive traffic from a website directly to Messenger using a clickable button. Taking advantage of this tool will create a single customer support experience for your visitors and enable you to continue the conversation after they have left off the webpage.

FEATUREBOTSTARMANYCHATFor Marketing TeamFacebook comments auto-reply✔️✔️ Landing pages✔️✔️ Send-to-messenger button✔️✔️ Broadcast✔️✔️ Campaign✔️✔️

Build AI Powered Chatbots without Coding a Single Line

Your bot will be helpful when it is built to know how to respond to your customer. There are basically two types to implement this: keyword-based chatbots and chatbots that leverage natural language processing (NLP).


ManyChat has keyword-based chatbots and does not directly support Natural Language Processing, so you need to type a specific word or a phrase that you want to match and make a certain response for them manually. They offer various Keyword rules for you to help your bot reply to users in a more precise way, but sometimes it’s time-consuming to enter them all. You also can set up your bot reply with random responses.


BotStar not only has the keyword-based feature as ManyChat but also offers built-in NLP integrations such as and . With NLP power, you can build the bot to understand the customer query written in their natural language and immediately reply with human-friendly responses.

Manage Chatbot-Collected Information

Building a chatbot for your business not only helps you instantly respond to customers but also automatically collect customer information.


ManyChat collects and saves answers or replies from users under custom variables fields. You can manually update these variables in the “Audience” tab or automatically update through user input in the bot. You can also define customer’s segment by adding tags to each customer based on the actions they have with the bot and then send targeted messages like Broadcasts to those segments.


BotStar also uses & to save customer’s input and it also gives you even more possibilities of managing data with . This feature lets your bot automatically collect and save customer’s data, orders & bookings information and streamline it to your business’s pipeline during the conversation. For example, when your restaurant’s bot has a new reservation, you will get a notification through email and you can keep track of all information from customer’s name to reservation details in one place.

Deliver Omni-channel Experience to Your Customers

Chatbots can be deployed on many platforms, and what separates BotStar from ManyChat is the ability to . ManyChat focuses solely on Facebook Messenger, whereas BotStar supports you and also create chatbot widgets for your website.

In ManyChat, signing in your Facebook account to connect to Facebook Page is the first step to start using the platform. BotStar, on the other hand, connecting to your Facebook account & Website is one of the last steps, so you don’t need to add a page to start. And because ManyChat is limited to use inside the Messenger platform only, you can’t use ManyChat on your website to collect leads and provide better customer service as you can with BotStar.

Build Multilingual Chatbot to Convert Online Visitors into Guests

If you want to expand your business globally, that supports multiple languages will become a necessity. It supports a cost-effective way to handle your global customers and improve their experiences.

In ManyChat, you have to manually design separate flows to handle different global audiences, whereas BotStar has multilingual support for up to 170 languages. Using the Switch Language feature you can easily switch into other languages in your bot flow to translate your content without messing up the existing flows.

Chatbot Total Cost of Ownership

If you’re only getting started with chatbots, pricing is probably what you’re most concerned about. Both ManyChat and BotStar offer a free plan in which you can try most of the features with mandatory branding. With free plans, you can test out platforms and find out if it fits your needs. In addition, they also provide Pro plans with all features.


offer you access to all features, removes the branding, and gives you unlimited tags, custom fields. ManyChat Pro Plans are priced by the number of your subscribers and it starts at $10 per month for 500 subscribers, $15 for 1,000, $25 for 2,500 and so on.


BotStar provides you with . The Pro plan costs 15 dollars per month and gives you unlimited chatbot projects with unlimited features, 2 available seats and 500 monthly sessions (A multi-message interaction between your bot and an end-user is considered as a session, regardless of the number of messages). If you reach the session & seat limitations, BotStar will charge you per additional session and seat monthly.

The standout feature of Botstar is the included in the Enterprise plan which allows agencies to completely brand the bot building process, bot dashboard, sharing URL, email alerts, and more. You can contact the sales team at to get reasonable pricing and custom packages to suit your business needs.

Switching is easy

Now you’re armed with relevant facts and basic understanding on these two platforms, you can easily draw an accurate judgment about us.

With the visual editor, powerful features, and much more affordable pricing , why don’t you let us become a part of your business and your next game-changer?

Switching from ManyChat to BotStar is easier than you think. You can get:

  • Our special offer with 30% off for monthly Pro Plan pricing.
  • Responsive support service for bot building.
  • And, a simple tool for old contacts transferring.

It’s never a bad idea to make room for change. Reach us via to grab the offer. We’re just an email away!



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